The Storm

I Saw Plasma Striking Everything in its Path

Below is a night vision that I had in 2010 of a coming storm.

I was standing outside and the sky seemed dim like evening. Off in the distance I could see a storm coming. This storm was black as night and dreadful with plasma coming from it like lighting striking things in its path such as buildings. Although, this plasma didn’t seem to have any outward destructive effect on whatever it hit. The feeling that came with this storm was as though something unimaginable were happening. I remember saying to myself, “They are coming”. At this point, i looked up to the sky above me to see all the planes of the air fleeing from the presence of this storm – both great and small, from airliners to jet fighter planes. The natural man within me wanted to run for shelter from the fear of this storm. And as I started to run towards a massive tree (this was not the tree of life), the Spirit of Wisdom spoke and said, “No” and moved me to an open field.


I believe this storm and the plasma represent either a solar storm or an EMP attack from another nation. I believe when I said, “They are coming” that it was a reference to a new order that will follow this storm perhaps a new government/leadership etc.